YOUR CONSULTANT IS Angela Velazco - Independent Scentsy Consultant

My Story

  I have always wanted to be a part of something, something that was empowering and inspiring.  This is more than just wax and warmers.  It’s more than cackling ladies as they smell wonderful scents and spending money on unnecessary goods.  It’s the friendships, the laughter, and the wonderful scents that take you back to grandma in the kitchen baking her amazing pumpkin bread in the oven.  Or the smell of summer as it draws near, with fields of fresh flowers blooming.  I’ve always been a homemaker, and Scentsy gives me the purpose I’ve search for outside the home.  It doesn’t pay the bills at this point but I’m sharing what I love with others’ who will come to love it just the same. I didn’t just find Scentsy by walking through a department store nor did I find a flyer on my door knob.  My dear friend in Colorado Springs received her starter kit, and immediately I was advised to come over and share in her moment of opportunity.  I didn’t think twice!  I rushed on over and we smelled and sampled all the goodies!  She was super excited as I was too!  I knew this was my opportunity to shine, but I knew we’d be moving soon. I saw her grow within her business and she was having a ball.  Once we moved to San Antonio and were settled in, I wasted no time in signing up!  I do have one regret, not signing up earlier because I missed out on all those wonderful opportunities!  I thank you for taking the time to read my story!  If you want more information in joining my team, contact me through this page!  I love to talk Scentsy and I don’t want you to look back and say, “I only have one regret, not signing up earlier.” <!--endbody-->